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Do I Even Need Insurance? The FAQs Of Health Insurance

We're here to talk about a serious topic. Insurance. I know most people in our beautiful country Jamaica don't like talking about health, but the consequences are real.

Insurance has been a confusing subject for a long time. You're probably asking questions like:

Why am I paying for something that I don't use?

How dies insurance even work?

Should I be paying a premium or just pay the hospital bill?

Insurance can be tricky. The size of your premium (the amount you pay) is directly related to the amount of coverage you get. Usually, the more you pay is the more coverage you get. This is because an insurance company is charging you or a group of people (like a company) or a group of people a fee to manage a pool of funds which you can benefit from if you get sick. The more persons contributing to this pool, the lower the cost that you have to pay to be covered. This happens because the risk is now shared.

We at Excel Insurance Brokers, in partnership with JN Group have put together an extraordinary product that takes advantage of this principle entitled the JN EXCEL VIP Members Plan. This plan is supported by thousands of middle to upper income persons in Latin America and the Caribbean. Because of this large group of persons subscribed to the insurance product, we are able to offer competitive pricing for a product with such wide international coverage.

Our new product covers you for critical, catastrophic and highly specialized treatment that Jamaica may not be equipped for. Whether it's ambulance, medical evacuation, hospitalization or surgeons fees, it's covered by the 4 Million USD lifeline.

For more information, fill out the form here.

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